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Grocery Stores / Supermarkets

Posted by jimbo (3817 days ago)

I may move to KL this year from the US, and I've done a lot of reading on this website and others about where to live and send my children to school. But with all of the info packed into these websites, no one talks about grocery stores and supermarkets! Where are the best places to by food (besides restaurants & open (wet?) markets? Where can I buy toilet paper and toothpaste? Where can I buy milk and rice? Can I get these at the same place or do I have too bounce around different stores? We Americans are used to Albertsons, Walmart & Target. Is there anything like that in KL? Where?

Thank You,


#1 Posted by Ann (3650 days ago)

Hi, we are also moving to KL living in Ampang area. How do you contact supermarket delivery service that you spoke of. Also where is the cold storage in Ampang? thanks

#2 Posted by Ann (3650 days ago)

Thanks for your information. Whereabouts is the Great Eastern mall (I have a road map of KL) but cannot find it anywhere. Appreciate your help.

#3 Posted by jimbo (3650 days ago)

Thank you.

Is "Cold Storage" the name of the store? Are the Ampang stores within walking distance from the Internation School of KL?


#4 Posted by jimbo (3650 days ago)

Thanks Again!

#5 Posted by jimbo (3650 days ago)

Thank you Nyonya!

#6 Posted by Nyonya (3650 days ago)

There is really no need for panic! Once you get here, scope out the area where you live.
May I suggest that if it's your first time living in KL, stay at an expatriate friendly area, such as Ampang or Mount Kiara or Bangsar. You'll find all the needed amenities within your radius, and it helps you settle in much better in the new environment.

There is one thing in Malaysia that you'll never have to be afraid of - lack of food! Honestly!
Being the capital city, KL has sooo many supermarkets to choose from, and they all stock a reasonable spread of choices - Western and Asian.

If you're not sure, head straight for the nearest shopping centre. There's always an anchor tenant which runs the supermarket.

I know for a fact that supermarket, Cold Storage in Bangsar Shopping Centre is quite good and in the same mall, you find an incredible list of restaurants and delis.

There is nothing like research and adventuring out there to find out for yourself.

LIst of shopping centres in KL:

Good luck! I can promise you that you won't starve in KL. Safe move and enjoy KL for all the friendliness and warmth it has to offer!

#7 Posted by Nyonya (3650 days ago)

Porky [boy, you must love your bacon!],

You can certainly get bacon for sure in the supermarkets here, but whether or not they're Australia packed and produced, I cannot confirm.

However, I have a strong suspicion that you'll be able to find it, if not in Cold Storage then in some delis in Bangsar or in the heart of KL.

Just remember that the Pork are sold seperately from the other meats like beef or chicken as it's not 'Halal' in majority-Muslim Malaysia.

Yummy... nothing like a good English breakfast on Sundays!

#8 Posted by Zuzanna (788 days ago)


if you need fresh meat or seafood or any kind of groceries, I guess it's quite convenient to order it online. There are some online groceries available in KL, like Doorstep ot Tesco. I gave it a try once, I ordered in Redtick (redtick.com.my) and got everything delivered fresh on the next day.
But also you can try morning markets, especially if you want fresh veggies or pork, you can even get it on a way to work.

Have a nice day!

#9 Posted by RestlessIris (529 days ago)

Hey Suzanne, can you tell me where these morning markets are located?

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